The Lebanese  Association  for Information Systems


Guidlines of the Eight AWARD categories


1. Distinguished Career Achievement Award

The Distinguished Career Achievement Award is the highest and the most prestigious award given by the LAIS for lifetime career achievements. It recognizes outstanding individuals in the field of information systems.

It is awarded for individuals who made significant contributions in the following areas:

- Teaching effectively

- Fostering pedagogical innovations

- Developing doctoral students

- Enhancing research in the field

- Developing effective methods, structure, and designs

- Unusually effective service to a major professional institution

During LCIS2016 conference, three scholars were awarded the Distinguished Career Achievement Award
- Prof Marco de Marco
- Prof Ibrahim Osman
- Prof Georges Aoun
Distinguished Career Achievement Award for Prof Marco De Marco
Distinguished Career Achievement Award for Prof Ibrahim Osman
Distinguished Career Achievement Award for Prof Georges Aoun

2. The Leadership Award

The LAIS Leadership Award recognizes longstanding members who have provided leadership within the Association, particularly through such activities as participating to the success of the chapter, strengthening the conferences, and participating in reviewing for journals.

During LCIS2016 conference, four scholars were awarded the LAIS Leadership Award:

- Prof. Sélim Mekdessi,

- Prof. Rizkallah Freifer,

- Prof. Abdallah Farhat,

- and Prof. Wael Jab

LAIS Leadership Award for Prof Sélim Mekdessi

LAIS Leadership Award for Prof Rizkallah Freifer
LAIS Leadership Award for Prof Abdallah Farhat
LAIS Leadership Award for Prof Wael Jabr

3. The Golden Medal Award

The Gold Medal Award honors partners and organizations who have made a unique and outstanding contribution to the advancement of research and teaching of Information Systems in Lebanon.
The Medal is recognised as a mark of unique accomplishment in the profession.
During the LCIS2016 conference, Prof. Salim Daccache, S.J. Rector of the Saint Joseph University received the LAIS Golden Medal.