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Distinguished Career Achievement Award

The Distinguished Career Achievement Award is the highest and the most prestigious award given by the LAIS for lifetime career achievements. It recognizes outstanding individuals in the field of information systems.

It is awarded for individuals who made significant contributions in the following areas:

- Teaching effectively

- Fostering pedagogical innovations

- Developing doctoral students

- Enhancing research in the field

- Developing effective methods, structure, and designs

- Unusually effective service to a major professional institution

LAIS Leadership Award
The LAIS Leadership Award recognizes longstanding members who have provided leadership within the Association, particularly through such activities as participating to the success of the chapter, strengthening the conferences, and participating in reviewing for journals.
Golden Medal Award
The Gold Medal Award honors partners and organizations who have made a unique and outstanding contribution to the advancement of research and teaching of Information Systems in Lebanon.
The Medal is recognised as a mark of unique accomplishment in the profession.
Best Paper Award

The best paper award of the LCIS conference was established to recognize the breadth of high quality work being published within the yearly Lebanese conference on information systems.

Awarded to only one paper from the DC, one paper from the French session, and one paper from the English session, this award simultaneously recognizes the authors of the paper as well as their universities supporting the high  quality research.

Best Review Award

The Best Review Award of the LCIS conference is an annual prize which acknowledges the outstanding contribution of one reviewer, whose insightful and supportive feedback has helped authors substantially improve their papers. It is awarded to only one reviewer from the DC, one reviewer from the French session, and one reviewer from the English session.