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The doctoral Consortium will be an opportunity for students to present their work to senior academics with extensive experience of doctoral supervision and examination, as well as publications in top international journals.

You will have an opportunity to present your work, receive peer feedback and advice from senior academics. Presentations, discussions and feedback will be in English.
                      DC Program
1. Welcome message (10')  (03:00PM - 03:10PM)
2. Plenary Session (30' + 10') (03:10PM - 03:50PM)

3. Parallel Session (03:50PM - 06:00PM)

       3.1 Session Alpha (03:50PM -05:50PM)
       3.2 Session Beta (03:50PM -05:50PM)
4. General meeting and conclusion (05:50PM -06:00PM)

DC Program

Thursday June, 2d, 2016 (03:00PM-06:00PM)

1/  Welcome Speech (3:00PM)

DC Chair
Pr Sélim Mekdessi
 Lebanese University

2/  Plenary Session (30' + 10') (03:10PM - 03:50PM)

 "  Is there a life after a doctoral  thesis "

Prof Antoine Messarra

 Lebanese University

Prof.  Ibrahim H. Osman
American University of Beirut


3/ Parallel sessions  (03:50PM - 05:50PM)

Session Alpha: User oriented technologies
Session Chair: Prof André Azoury (LU)
Room 41
Graziella Hobeika. (UPOND)
Involve citizens in the functioning of the Lebanese parliament
Impliquer les citoyens dans le fonctionnement du parlement libanais
Reviewer/Rapporteur: Dr. Nasri Messarra (U de Montpellier)
Zeinab Bahsoun. (LU)
Developing Juridical Knowledge Management System based on Semantic Web
Développement du système de gestion de la connaissance juridique basée sur le Web sémantique
Reviewer/Rapporteur:  Dr. Mario Saba (USEK)
Fadi Jibai. (LU)
La relation entre le comportement organisationnel et le comportement des consommateurs dans l'industrie de vente au détail
Reviewer/Rapporteur: Dr Daher El Ayli (AUL)
Nada Khaddaj. (LU)
Les politiques pro-famille en tant que clé stimulante de la satisfaction et de la qualité de vie au travail
Reviewer/Rapporteur:   Dr Roula Chami (LU)
Session Beta: e-Health, happiness and new business models
Session Chair: Prof. Daoud Sobh
Room 44

Bachir Zoghbi.  (USJ)

Business Models changes of services companies in Cloud offered services

Les changements de Business Models des entreprises de services d’offre de Cloud
Reviewer/Rapporteur:  Dr. Nada Mallah Boustany (USJ)

Hasan Mallah. (LU)

Towards Effective Health Information System in Lebanon: Impact of Medical Coding

Envers un système d'information efficace sur la santé au Liban: Impact du codage médical
Reviewer/Rapporteur: Dr. Michèle Asmar (USJ)

Dunia Ghannam.  (U de Nantes)
Funding Strategies for integrated care: case of the disabled
Stratégies de financement pour les soins intégrés: cas des personnes handicapées
Reviewer/Rapporteur: Dr. Nabil Badr 
Malak Khreis. (LU)
Towards Increasing the Happiness of Employees in knowledge based Enterprises: An Ambient Intelligence Employee-oriented Approach
Vers l’augmentation du bonheur des employés dans les entreprises de connaissances: une approche orientée vers l'intelligence ambiante des employés
Reviewer/Rapporteur: Dr. May Sayegh (USJ)
4/ General meeting and conclusion (05:50PM -06:00PM)

If you would like your work to be submitted for the symposium, you must submit the following:

  1. An abstract (no more than 500 words containing the following: Title, your name, institution name and address, short abstract, key words, key references,
  2. A signed, scanned letter of support, on institutional notepaper,  from your supervisor(s) outlining how you could benefit from your attendance at the symposium and what stage you are at in your doctoral studies, and an indication of whether financial support for attending the symposium will be provided by your institution
  3. A short statement (no more than 150 words) that includes your name, the name of your institution, the name of your supervisors, your research/ thesis title and how you think that you will benefit from attending the symposium.

You submission must be made by Apr 30, 2016. Please email your documents to