The Lebanese  Association  for Information Systems


Membership Benefits


The most important benefit of the LAIS membership is to be part of the community. Indeed, LAIS fosters a sense of community amongst its members by creating specialized chapters, adapted seminars, trainings, and join projects.

LAIS members can benefit from all the benefits of the AIS


LAIS members enjoy exclusive access to all the accepted papers of the past conferences of the Lebanese Conference for Information Systems (LCIS) and the ICTO conferences.

In addition to providing access to papers, members of the LAIS can take advantage of exclusive registration rates to LCIS and ICTO.

Additionally, members of the LAIS are granted exclusive access to the annual ITAIS and MCIS conferences.

Connection Benefits

One important benefit of LAIS is the strong connection with the AIS communities around the Mediterranean such as Italian, French, Greek and Cypriot communities.

Career Placement

LAIS have access through the association website to the latest job postings from top Lebanese Universities.

LAIS members can take advantage of the private placement services that are offered at the Lebanese Conference for Information Systems (LCIS) and the ICTO conference, if they are registered for the conferences.